Testimonial by Mark

Product Information

We received our order yesterday and Rachel instantly fell in love with both hijabs. The colors are outstanding, she likes the feel of the fabric and we are both thrilled with how she looks wearing them. It was quite different to see her covered in public when she first starting wearing the hijab especially since the custom isn’t as prevalent here in the States as would be elsewhere in the world and both of our families struggled at first with the notion of Rachel being covered but they support her decision, understand the principles and reasons of wearing one and, just like me, were amazed how gorgeous she looks. I love the girl and can’t imagine her leaving the house not wearing one of your beautiful hijabs. I mentioned to Rachel last night that we will save money on haircuts and highlights….funny she didn’t see my logic or humor.

We stumbled onto your web site by chance and found a wonderful little company in our own backyard that has made us both very happy with the products, styles and colors offered. The personal touch included in your previous email was warmly received and both Rachel and I pray this holiday season fills your heart with joy and love.




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